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Crater x Galore Pre-Grammy Brunch

February 13, 2023

Are you a creator, an entrepreneur, or both?

Ain’t no party like a Crater party, because our Pre-Grammy brunch with Galore was the place to be for all the hottest creators who are on the cutting edge of culture. Ahead of the big event, the who's who of the music industry were in attendance to network, collaborate, sip and slay (peep the photos if you don’t believe us 😉).

At Crater we’re all about accelerating the next generation of movers and shakers in the creative industry. We believe creators are the new startups, which is why it was only fitting that rising entrepreneurs and bonafide icons Baby Tate, Brandi Cyrus and Giulia Be were our hosts. Visionaries in their own right, it takes special individuals to attract the impressive room of talent that attended. That, in conjunction with our robust network of elite creators, made for a room that was overflowing with creative energy allowing all that attended to share freely and abundantly. 

The brunch kicked off with champagne and conversation, where our founder Travis Montaque was able to get inside the minds of our hosts to enlighten us all. When asked if she views herself as a creator or an entrepreneur, Baby Tate simply stated, “I’m both, being a creator, and especially starting off by yourself, you are an entrepreneur - your brand or product is yourself.” Amen to that. 

Or, when Brandi Cyrus was asked what collaboration meant to her she let the people know that she “thrives on teamwork and collaboration,” and she believes it's, “ beautiful when people can come together to make art together." And, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! 

The collaboration felt in that room was magnetic and in our opinion there’s nothing better than being in a space full of individuals who understand that with a little help, their potential not only as a creator, but as an entrepreneur is endless. 

Huge shoutout to all the incredible creators, change makers and culture shifters who came out to join us! You inspire us to keep on our mission to unlock more value for creators than ever before, and trust us - this is just the beginning!